Only one thing can be guaranteed 5DX 5DIII

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Re: Not True...

Look at a chart for the Yen vs. the Dollar over five years the Yen’s value has almost doubled. The Euro is just as bad. Large manufacturers try to keep pricing in line as currency fluctuates if possible because buyers do not deal with these swings well. If a negative trend continues for a long time they must pass this along to customers.

I think Canon is doing this through the mechanism of new introductions. Trying to get us used to higher prices as they upgrade products, like the 24-70 pricing.

With that being said it is amazing they want us to swallow the price change on the 1DX. Most users that were using a 1DMKIV bought it for a reason. They liked the H crop and did not need a 1DSIII. So someone at Canon thought it was OK to just say you might be paying $4000.00 for a camera doing the job now but you will pay $6800.00, obscene. Is a similar increase coming for the 5DX?

With the Canon pricing strategy I would not have been surprised to see a 5DX priced somewhere around what a 1DMKIV is $4k plus.

Hopefully Nikon just gave them a wakeup call with the pricing and feature set on the F800.

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