really lots of good and cheap prime for k-01?

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Re: really lots of good and cheap prime for k-01?

locke_fc wrote:

anthony mazzeri wrote:

locke_fc wrote:

Jefftan wrote:

28mm equivalent at f1.8 is my personal favourite


Unless I'm mistaken, there is no such thing in the whole Pentax line-up, legacy or not. The closest 28mm equivalent prime would be the DA 21, but it's f 3.2 and not inexpensive.

Pentax A 28mm f2
Pentax M 28mm f2
Pentax K 28mm f2

I myself have the Kiron KINO 28mm f2

And then there are all the 28mm f2.8; Pentax M 28mm f2.8, Rikenon XR 28mm f2.8, Cosina K 28mm f2.8, Tokina 28mm f2.8

Way to be mistaken I stand corrected.

I actually own an M 28mm f2.8 that I'm not really crazy about (bad copy?), but I'd never heard of the f2 versions of those.

Actually, Gerry's reply made me remember that the OP specified equivalent , that's why the DA 21 came to my mind

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