Nikon J1 versus Sony Nex-5

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Re: Nikon J1 versus Sony Nex-5

Davidgilmour wrote:

I owned a Nex-5 for more than one year. I sold it because I wanted something more compact and some sharper lenses.
Doubted if I should buy a M4/3 camera but I decided to go for the J1.

What I miss is

  • HDR mode

  • Panorama mode

  • tiltable LCD screen

  • some photo effect modes

What I like about the J1

  • amazing Apple-esque design

  • nice compact lenses

  • sharp IQ

  • superfast AF

  • no motion blur photos anymore

So far I am happy with the swap. 3 of the 4 things I miss can be easily done with a firmware update.

I think the J1 is a great little camera - I looked very hard at the NEX and MFT options, but in the end the 2 lens J1 kit won me over, not because of the "theoretical" IQ but because of the real world IQ (ie what you could reasonably expect on the street).

The N1's AF and VR guarantee sharply focused shots in circumstances where the other options can't and that's worth a slight resolution loss AFAIC. I can still make pretty decent A3 prints too. 10MP is plenty for street shooting and travel, as long as you can focus!

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