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Re: The resolution limit is way out there...

Ray Ritchie wrote:

Yes, that's right - I was not describing a scheme in which the sensor sites move, but had in mind that the alignment of each sensel might be randomly displaced from its regular periodic position by a tiny amount. This essentially introduces a very small amount of frequency modulation to the image signal, which will have the impact of spreading its spectrum, and (perhaps) blurring periodic interference from aliased patterns like textile fabric threads. The amount of displacement would, of course, have to be carefully chosen so as to have the desired blurring effect on aliasing distortion/ moire, while not significantly degrading the quality of the overall image.

Moire is a form of aliasing. What you suggest will change the way the "artifacts" look but it will not eliminate them. The problem is not only having two periodic structures - it is having a signal with a high frequencies exceeding those of the sampling, even if the sampling is not strictly periodic.

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