Pretty Much on Board for M8, which lenses???

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...just bought an M8 myself

I bought it through Calumet with 1 year warranty. It is currently under warranty repair because if the vertical line issue (discussed in great lengths on a number of online forums) found on high-ISO images (which wasn't a big deal to me until it started to appear quite often even @ ISO 320 and in dark areas @ ISO 160).

On hindsight, it was a good decision (for me) to get a camera with a warranty. I would not buy an M8 (unless it's the M8.2, which is strangely a LOT more expensive) from an individual regardless of reputation due to the number of issues with some batches of M8's with repairs that could get costly...and you need to understand that this tech is over 5 years old...go figure..

Right now, I only have one lens: the Zeiss 35mm f2 bought used because I couldn't find one new! You have to understand, though, that unlike its DSLR brethen, the ZM is notorious of what is called the "Zeiss wobble" developed over time for some if I had the choice, I would buy new.

Now, why did i not buy a Voigtlander? Simple. I was spoiled by the sharpness and contrast provided by Zeiss lenses. It's a personal preference thing, actually...I have a Voigtlander 58 that i never warmed up to because I'm not a fan of the "classic" look of images with lower contrast and veiling at wide apertures..and from the sample images I see the same with their M-mount lenses.

Here's a couple 35/2 shots @ wide open. Not the most interesting subject for a lot of folks but it shows (i think) the signature rendering found in Zeiss lenses.

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