Survey: Did you shoot Pentax (Film or digital) before Nikon?

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John Michael Winterbourne
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Re: M42 lenses on Nikon

"Going Nikon means I won't be able to shoot the old M42 glass, but I guess that is okay as I don't shoot much with that anymore anyway."

Yes you will - you will have to use an M42/Nikon converter with an optical correction element, but the drop in IQ isn't nearly as bad as some commentators claim. I use a good mix of M42s on my D700 -SMC Taks as well as CZJ.

I keep meaning to do some tests to quantify the IQ issue, but never get around to doing it properly. Plan A was to use the same lens/same camera with/without the adapter, at a close enough range that I can focus without needing to go to infinit.

Plan B is better as I have got some nice Adaptall SPs and both an M42 Adaptall mount (needs the optical adapter) and Nikon adpters that don't. Any suggestions on 'real life' vs 'test chart' approach would be welcome!

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