Trade 5D and lenses for Sigma system? Should I?

Started Feb 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tiffles Veteran Member • Posts: 4,972
Re: NO!!!

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

The 5D has approximately the same resolution as the old Sigma SD10...The SD14 and SD15 will give you higher resolution than the 5D...

can you send over that frog so I can lick its back as well?
The 5D runs circles around an SD10. With all due respect.

A D700 (or 5D with roughly the same rez) with a bad zoom has just about the same resolution as an SD14/15 or DP with a prime lens.

Agre with the rest you said tho - switch makes no sense.
OP should get a DP as an addon and see if he can work with a Foveon.

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