Banding in panoramic shot with A77

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Re: Mystery solved???

Do you ever get similar abberations in still single images (with that lens)? What is in the image now certainly looks lens-related as it is a clear repeating pattern that looks like an out-of-focus something inside or on the lens. The left-most side of the image is clealy suggestive of that. I presume you are sweeping left-to-right - in which case on that left-hand edge, there will be no pano-processing and blending as such and it will be just the pure first sub-image with nothing overlayed.

Maybe it's a sticking aperture blade on that lens sample??? I am sure you would really have noticed it in non-pano images though....

I guess the thing to do is try multiple pano and single exposures at different apertures with that lens you now think may be the suspect. If it is the lens, then the abberation will be in (all/some of) the images regardless of pano or not. NB: I have no idea of that lens construction though and if an individual blade can actually stick in any way. It is also possible there is some fluff inside the lens (a big chunk of it!), but I am sure you would have seen it in many other non-pano images also.

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