How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

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tgutgu wrote:

The weather sealing is nice, but most people could live without it and did need to get their camera to service every year.

So the EM-5 is mostly Olympus' catch up to the GH2 with naturally some improvements over it. But it does not blow the GH2 away. The features, the EM-5 has put forward, should be quite easily accomplished by a GH2 successor, which will of course beca different type of camera.

The key thing is that Olympus now has something to compete with Lumix GH, which before they did to have at all. Now, we can say that m4/3 has two flagship products: the GH2 and the EM-5. Not a bad thing at all.


The reverse with the servicing comment. Weatherproofs - especially Olympus ones - keep out the dust. So there's less service requirements. The other vulnerable areas are the seals, and keeping those clean is common sense. I used an E-1 for years on boats, washed down the camera with its lens attached (to get the salt off them), and never had a need for a service. I won't sell the E-1, because despite its perfection, it would not be right to sell something that has been so abused, its got no right to be still operating.

As to differences, IMO the OM-D is more compact (as is) and weatherproof, will run non-m43 glass much better (best there when IBIS benefits), may focus action, currently second fastest focus speed for Four Thirds lenses, has extended battery life, has hand grips for bigger lens ergonomics, likely better JPGs. Likely the worlds most versatile camera.

Likely shame about its forgone video potential, but then Olympus haven't taken that seriously IMO.

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