How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

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Form factor and price

Form factor: not everybody wants a DSLR style body. Although I accept the need for the DSLR hump in the E-M5 and don't mind it in general (I own 2 DSLRs alongside my E-P1), I prefer the rangefinder/P&S body style for m4/3 and would probably choose an E-Px at $200 less than an E-M5 all else being equal minus the built-in EVF.

Of course we know that not all else would be equal since the E-M5 has a lot of bells and whistles that not even the E-P5 is likely to have like 5-axis IBIS, weather sealing, etc., which will make the MSRP of the E-P5 very interesting to watch.

Then there's the price. Right now the difference is $200, but I'll guarantee the E-P3 will see a price drop very soon. Street price is still at MSRP of $900 right now, but it will certainly drop soon. While a $200 difference is a "might as well go for it" amount for many, $300-$400 difference and you're talking real money percentage-wise. The comparison looks rather unfavorable at the moment but Olympus will fix the pricing accordingly.

I agree with some other posters who said the E-P3 is overpriced. I think they're selling it mainly on looks as a semi-luxury m4/3 camera. Well the E-M5 has rather taken up the luxury spot, freeing up the E-P3 and subsequent E-Px bodies to move a bit lower in price.

E-PM1: $400
E-PL3: $550 - $600
E-P3: $700 - $750
E-M5: $1100

... is a more palatable pricing strategy IMO. I think we'll see something similar happen very soon to shift the 2011 m4/3 bodies to make way for the 2012 refreshed versions with the 16MP sensor, at which point sadly the prices will go back up.

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