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Re: mirrorless vs dslr

Interesting thread...

Obviously mirrorless are getting better and can fit into the role the vast majority of camera in use today fill, casual point and shoot captures. More people are taking more casual non-art, memory extender shots than ever, it just a part of everyday life for hundreds of millions of people.

I do not see there being a fight between DSLRs and casual shooting cameras, they both appeal to different activities, often by the same person. Both will likely be used by a lot of people. The problem with point and shoot cameras is that their market segment is being taken by phones so the makers are trying to push their casual shooting, lifestyle cameras up into the hobbyist market which is smaller by far but having a larger margin. Whatever the capabilities of the technology, ergonomics limit the usability of high performance compact cameras. Control is the reason people use more complex cameras, the cameras ARE part of the hobby and not just a tool in their hobby. So there will be a place for higher priced, human controllable cameras for a very long time.

I find that I shoot less and less with the DSLR kit because it is getting so heavy. My recent international flight, had my lens bag alone require a substantial carry-on overweight fee.

I tried out a V1 recently and think it might make a great addition to my kit and allow me to take more opportunity type shots. The AF speed was amazing. It looks so bland that few shoppers would realize how advanced that little box is.

So I see high performance cameras moving up to higher margin realms and will have more D800 class cameras, the bottom and entry level will disappear and higher performance compacts will be trying to distance themselves from phone cameras. Current point and shoots, and entry level enthusiast cameras will lose their market.

My D7000 is too small, so I use it exclusively with a grip which gives a steadiness and balance that all cameras should have but don't. I will not buy a serious camera that is not large enough for holding steady or having room for controls. For me, all smaller cameras in the DSLR realm can go away, I will not buy one no matter how good it is technically. I've ordered a D4 which is close to the size of the D7000 with grip, It will be my serious hobby and event rig, and possibly a V1 for casual lifestyle shots. Both have their place. The D7000 will be a competent backup but will not get the shutter releases of either of the above two. The more I use the D7000 however, the more I realize I really do not need a better camera but the D4 is a splurge of unexpected money coming my way and ...I want it, not need it. If there is anything left over, the D800 might join it as my last camera buys...ever.
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