How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

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I totally agree.

Olympus has a confusing product strategy since a long time. (PEN only product line, inconclusive feature distribution)

The EM-5 is the first move in a better direction.

Unless I am reading too much into this, I think this is a nice move back to Olympus' strategy of giving you more for less money. The actually had a fairly decent 10% market share when they were pushing E5xx two lens kits out the door for under $500, even if they weren't making very much money on the deal.

Up until now, the M4/3 marketing plan seems to have been "give the customer less, and charge them more." I see this OM-D as a move back to the direction of giving the customer good value, excellent features, and incredibly good build quality for their hard earned money.

Lets face it... after a dozen Olympus M4/3 cameras... this is the very first one to include an EVF And all the other features will probably send Sony, Samsung, and even Panasonic back to the drawing board.

I mostly agree, except for the fact that the GH2 is still competitive compared to the EM-5, no need to go back to the drawing board.

From what can be concluded from product photos, both cameras have a good control layout, albeit different. So this aspect is probably on par, and can only be resolved with physically playing with the camera.

What I have read so far, is that the GH2 finder provides a larger view, and thus might be preferable - at least for my taste.

The GH2 has a multiaspect sensor, which the EM-5 apparently does not have, so 3:2 shooters like me, have a slight disadvantage when choosing a GH2.

Should have written: choosing an EM-5

The GH2 as a fully tiltable screen, which is useable also for portrait images. The EM-5 has only the standard tiltable LCD, which some users may not like.

Nothing can be said about IQ yet.

The main advantage of them EM-5 is the better burst capabilities due to better buffer sizes.

The weather sealing is nice, but most people could live without it and did need to get their camera to service every year.

So the EM-5 is mostly Olympus' catch up to the GH2 with naturally some improvements over it. But it does not blow the GH2 away. The features, the EM-5 has put forward, should be quite easily accomplished by a GH2 successor, which will of course beca different type of camera.

The key thing is that Olympus now has something to compete with Lumix GH, which before they did to have at all. Now, we can say that m4/3 has two flagship products: the GH2 and the EM-5. Not a bad thing at all.

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