What might Hass, Mamiya, PhaseOne, be thinking right now?

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Re: What might Hass, Mamiya, PhaseOne, be thinking right now?

gregp701 wrote:

Bruce, an interesting and informative post. I am an absolute novice and have no first hand knowledge but your thoughts seem to reflect what I have read on this subject. That the optics are what deliver the medium format look. While high end 35mm optics are extremely nice, they don't match the resolution of the medium format optics.

If there were adapters available to mount MF optics to the D800, do you think the resulting image would come close to equaling the MF camera, or would sensor size still make a big difference? The reason I ask is that it's sometimes difficult to see the differences in FX and DX when really nice glass is used.

Regardless, I plan to buy a really nice Zeiss prime and hope to get some quality images from the D800.

If it was possible, I'd kind of doubt any MF lens adapted to a DSLR (big adapter) would do justice. It would be better to use a quality longer lens designed for the DSLR.

I'm no technician at all but first, smaller format lenses have to have more resolution to compensate. So using an optimized lens for its intended format is my first choice. Adapting a MF lens to FX? Well, I believe the thing there will stay beyond me but I do use my Nikon AI-s and Leica R lenses on the 2x factor Fourthirds. I use the AI-s on my D7000 which presents the same situation. Adapters are available for the Fourthirds and I've had nothing to be disappointed about. I haven't done any res testing but have shot enough images just to find differences between my DX primes and AI-s. Too close to be concerned. In fact, that was one of the reasons I got into Olympus as well. It was the lens adaptability... as long as I have an adapter.

I'm not a resolution photographer unless I'm shooting my artwork (I'm a pro artist) and for anything else (images I use for creating painting compositions) I'll shoot as low as 5MP. 12MP is plenty on the street but I'd like to see how the D800 compares to my scanned MF film used in the studio for copy work.

I've also shot for my photo portfolio (unpublished) and feel the DSLR is the most universal for what I need but have film folders full of MF so I know the options. Unless it's copy work, resolution isn't as important as color, range and image character because I believe they meet the eye long before the numbers anyway. I still use an Olympus E-1 and have no reason to put it away, all 5MP of it. Superb for fine art photography. Just doesn't have the more challenging light capabilities and speed of the D7000. In fact, it offers me TIFF or RAW at 5MP. Wish Nikon could.

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