D800 - best budget lenses?

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Re: D800 - best budget lenses?

bobn2 wrote:

Now, as a Nikon/Olympus dual system user, what are you getting, E-M5 or D800?

Hi Bob.

Em5 thingie kind of interests me, but only for some very limited and specific requirements, and at £1000 for the body ..... hmmm... - I already have a panny G3 if all I'm after is the IQ of the new Oly cam - its highly likely the IQ will be pretty much the same. So while I like the look of the EM5, I'm not particularly chomping at the bit as some are, as I can't see it offering anything particularly new, other than packaging a lot of nice features together into a small, robust body. If it was £500 ... then I'd probably sell the G3 and swap, but a grand ..... hmmm ... I'll see .. I have other things to buy first....

However the D800 was effectively pre-ordered back in Dec and the D700 given in as part ex back then, and now the leaked spec is firm, I've confirmed it with the dealer. He gave me a tentative delivery date as well, which I can't remember off the top of my head, but it was something like the last week of March.

Strange thing is, at this moment in time, I'm possibly even less 'excited' about the D800 than I am about the EM5. I've even been pondering why. I think its because I simply have faith that Nikon will deliver. There is no real mystery to me. Its going to be some strange hybrid of the D3, D700, D5100 ... and I already own those, so .... I just know its going to be a great, solid camera, and when it arrives, it arrives. And I'll start shooting with it. Job done.

With Oly .... you're always hoping against hope that they will finally pull off the miracle they need .... and praying that they don't screw something critical up, as they often do

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