How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

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Guy Parsons
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I'm not so attractive

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Amazing how many grumpy old gits (not you) ...

Hey, I class myself as a 70 year old grumpy git. It's the privilege of age.

....who said they would never use a backscreen do so quite happily.

Yup, after 50 or more years of peeking through an eyepiece, LCDs are just wonderful. When I see people holding cameras up and hiding their faces it looks rather silly to me now.

Me, I hate the blasted things. Where I shoot, you can't see it. You can't see anything , you need the blessed dark of the VF.

I trust the AF (foolish me) and have the E-PL1 LCD wound up to +7 brightness and it's good enough for framing in all but the most extreme cases.

The only extreme case was recently when shooting a classic US car show on a shopping mall roof carpark. Bright sky above and bright reflective concrete underneath caused some trauma, even having the VF-2 on did not help much, in that case I really needed a big rubber eyecup, which I don't own. Otherwise in normal Aussie sunshine I cope OK.

One day they will make LCDs that can be seen clearly in daylight and then viewfinders will have absolutely no use at all.

For snapshots I use the E-PM1. Backscreen a menace, keeping it in my pocket a boon. Swings and roundabouts.

They can sell the E-P3. It is a smaller camera, and that's a big virtue.

Size is what matters to me, the E-M5 is lovely no doubt, but just would not fit nicely in my most used camera bag, it's too tall to fit. It's also feature overkill for me. Maybe when some of its features migrate down to E-Px world then I will become interested.

Thanks heavens we are all different so then the makers can make a variety of styles that hopefully cover all tastes.

Regards....... Guy

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