From 450 to 600D, 60D or a used 7D?

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Re: From 450 to 600D, 60D or a used 7D?

As suggested bye a lot of you today I went to a camera shop to see and to fill in my hands 600D 60D and 7D.

7D was without lens. 60D had its kit lens and also the 600D.

All were with out battery.

The first impression has been: 600D is no more for me I will be not satisfied by this camera. Its body rememer me the 450D.

If I'll buy that camera I will think that my upgrade is not enought for the money involved. Too small and too similar to the 450D at the apparence. Performance of 600 is obviously better then 450D but the filling is the same. Is really lighter than 60D but 60D had also a heavier lens.

I like very much how i fill the 60D in my hands.

Today I have also re-read the detailed description of the 7D and I had been impressed bye the auto focus system description. I really think that must be a lot of difference from 60D and 7d for this aspect.

In my hands also the 7d fills great.

So now the chioce is restricted between 60D and a used 7D. But I think that only a 7D could fully satisfy my passion and my need of performance.

May be I'm not able to push on its limit this cameras now, but I really want to do it in the future.

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