What might Hass, Mamiya, PhaseOne, be thinking right now?

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Re: What might Hass, Mamiya, PhaseOne, be thinking right now?

Ilkka Nissilä wrote:

Business as usual. An FX 36MP image looks nothing like images from high-end medium format digital.

Sure... or a low end MF digital. There's a curve on that thinking since film res days. Unlike portrait or street shots or what large format field cameras produce, there may be little advantage for MF in open landscape shots with full depth detail. MF loses it's DOF character advantages. Since resolution can overlap on different formats, I might be fooled unless the HQ print was enormous. The MF resolution offering may be matchable but not so much the DOF effect or even it's aspect ratio. MF details are more pronounced, only being matched, at cost, with longer lenses on FX or DX.

The MF advantage is a lot more predominant in shallower depths and foreground detail gains a much stronger outline definition amplified by the falloff or softness in the front or background, as in portrait objectives. Still, smaller formats with longer lenses can gain some of the same effect but at the expense of cropping the larger frame or field of view the MF lens renders, leaving some untold story. We just have to know how to get the best with what we have.

Since I still shoot 120mm film on occasion, I have the comfort of a huge square that almost fills the image circle which, to me, is a great advantage. Due to sensor costs, 1 : 1 may remain crop talk on most digitals. Sensor size definitely holds digital at bay but I think Nikon will still gain ground and take in a good D800 return. I'm keeping the TLR though because I can't see any end to MF.

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