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Re: You take the forum too seriously...

Howard Roark wrote:

How can you be so offended by strangers?

I'm not offended I'm just re-avaluating what the best use of my time is.

This forum is the last place that I would feel angry for, or pi$$ed off, or insulted.

Same here. Maybe a little angry sometimes. Especially at your post here I was the person who replied to that cr@p.

You're wanting to leave and your complaining say more about you then this forum.

It says more about you since you are exactly the type of person I am escaping from.

A group here are immature little endowed fools, so if you consider the source you should just laugh the craziness off. They may say bad things to you about your opinioins, but so what?

It's not criticism of my opinions that bothers me. It's the immature and pointless nature of the forum recently that bothers me. I have been here for a long time and some of your (and others) comments epitomise the deterioration and 'dumbing down' of the forum that makes time here more negative than it once was.

Stop your whining about rude posters. Point in fact: Nobody likes me on this forum, and rarely does anyone agree with me, but do I come here and whine about it? Like a little baby mama-monkey-man? No...I just shrug it off, and pop a viagra and call for the misses.

That's the sort of self-deprecating humour I can appreciate. More of that and maybe people here would like you - if that matters to you. As for whining - that's one way to describe it but since I will be gone forever shortly, you won't have to put up with it anymore.

Have a great day!


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