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Re: Just leave and never come back...

Marcus Antonius wrote:

I think you don't understand the nature of a forum. It was always like this and will always stay like this.

I think it has become more brutal. It might be just my perception but that's all that matters to me.

In the end is just using what you need and giving what you want, the rest is just to be left alone. I too sometimes wonder why people are so shallow and narrowminded, but hey... i meet alot of those in real life too.

I do meet some unpleasant people but actually not many and the proportion of nasty to not nasty seems way higher here. Probably because the idiots are more vocal.

Do i punch them on the nose? nahh, i'd rather keep quiet and smile inside. There's enough to worry about in life, and life itself is too short to point some to their shortcomings.

My point exactly. Life it too short to spend it here. While debating with you I could be reading a book, taking a walk, taking pictures, cooking a meal, learning to play guitar, talking to my wife etc. etc. etc. etc.



p.s. why remove your account? just leave this site alone and no one will remember you as of five minutes from now. (i only remember a few ppl that i had a good time with from back in the days. The rest is just nice bokeh to me :))

I may have to 'just leave'. Interesting comment regarding not being remembered 5 minutes from now. That's surely the best reason not to use a forum and instead develop real relationships.

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