Why I think DPR won't review the X10

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Re: They have NO choice!...

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I have not seen enough shots to show the common output as unreliable.

Well this fellow went from total love, to sometimes love, to…sending it back…only took him three months.


i only lasted three days . Orbs on day 1 then day 2 and again today
I'm not shooting in daylight at ISO 800 to get round it either its ridiculous .
ISO 100 all the way..... as it should be.

Any chance you could post the pics, I'd love to see what your getting. Thanks for the info!

So fed up i deleted the orby ones , i just didnt want to keep them. One was like a frisbee stuck on my window frame outside the house where the sun hit it.

I did get some good ones by turning up the ISO a notch and the EV down ,But its not right thuogh to have to do that.

no idea what to replace it with though , for all its glaring faults it is quite a special camera and annoyingly i quite like it.

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