Different strategies – the struggle for the 21st Century

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The right time and place

bgD300 wrote:

Phase difference has been used in electronic signals for years, dating back to WW II. The ability to put the sensor and processing into a package as small as a camera isn't that surprising.

Classical Chinese, Arab and Renaissance experimenters had tinkered with steam driven motion. However, steam engines became economical only during the age of industrialization. The cost/benefits of brute force justified big machines.

Similarly, PDAF in a small package for SLR/TLR was possible if your film size was small enough. Or, a rangefinder (without mirror box) could be small and AF if you could align the AF with a particular lens.

The importance of PDAF-in-sensor is that it operates independent of the mirror box and of lens specificity. Therefore, the camera can be as small as you like, while being as versatile as DSLR.

Fuji and Sony have already experimented with hybrid AF/VF. Nikon deserves credit for understanding the importance of this technology.

This technology will be best implemented by those with an integrated mass-market strategy, instead of merely being a $$$ speciality.

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