How to remove my profile

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Re: How to remove my profile

ju_ju wrote:

DPR may promise and send an e-mail saying they will delete your profile. They do not hold to what they say though. Having asked a couple of months ago if they would kindly delete my profile I did have a reply for me to confirm this. I replied that yes I did wish my profile to be deleted. It is still here teo months later. This is my experience. No they will not delete your profile. My guess is they want the numbers of registered users for their advertisers. Yes this used to be a good decent web reference for photographers. At this moment in time, and for a while it is very much a desperate attempt of a website which is catering for many very dubious characters. It is very obvious that the DPR staff are not interested in photography. I may come back and look at the site from time to time again some day but a doubt it.

If that's the case I'll just have to stay away and pretend it doesn't exist (remove bookmarks etc.). Difficult though since it's so huge.

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