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Nikon Repair Customer Service - Horrible?

Hello all!

I was wondering what experiences people have had with Nikon repair customer service.

I recently sent in my D90 and Nikkor 18-200 lens, both of which I've had for about 3 years. The camera would often "freeze" and not take photos. There were 1000s of hot/dead pixels at moderate to high ISO and several very apparent ones at any setting. Additionally, the lens stopped focusing properly at high zoom.

After mailing the package in I received an email saying it was being processed. Then I received a quote for $200 to make the repairs. "Level B2 - moderate to major parts requiring replacement" is how it was described. I approved the quote. The next week I received a package back, left just sitting on my front door for anyone to take (I live in the city). Upon opening it I discovered only the camera body - no lens. The slip of paper that came with it stated that the hot pixels were repaired, the optic cleaned and that nothing was replaced. Nothing about the lens. Does $200 seem like a lot to fix a design flaw that didn't result from damage or abuse? Additionally, no parts we replaced despite the "B2" category repair rating. Anyone have experience with this?

I called Nikon to find out where the lens was. I was told by the fairly rude customer service person that I should have received a separate repair number for the lens, which I never did, and that it wasn't being processed because it has an international serial number. I pointed out the fact that I was never notified of this and assumed the $200 was for repair of both. If I hadn't called I guess they would have just kept the lens indefinitely. I also told them that I couldn't understand how it wasn't a US model as I purchased it as a kit from B&H Photo. They said I needed to send proof of US purchase, which I did (through their annoying and convoluted website system). They also said someone would call back the next day after contacting the vendor to find out the deal. Nobody called back. Days later I received a cryptic email saying sorry, we can't repair it since it has an international serial number, despite the proof of US purchase.

I called back and asked to speak to a manager and explained to him that nobody called me back and that nobody contacted the vendor or did any investigation at all as I was promised. He said someone will investigate and call me back Monday. I reminded him that this is exactly what I was told before. He assured me that someone would call back by Monday.. or email me.. and maybe by Tuesday! I almost laughed because it was such a funny way of communicating with customers; "assuring me" and then saying, well, maybe not monday, maybe not by phone. I insisted they CALL me back by Monday. The manager I spoke with was completely unapologetic and equally as rude and apathetic as the other people I spoke to originally. We'll see what happens.

I know that if they even agree to repair it I will have to pay for this additional repair and shipping, which I am very unhappy about.

This same week I had to get my iPhone fixed. A very quick and painless process. I have also had my MacBook repaired by Apple, and I paid less for that computer than I did for my Nikon D90 and lens! All my Apple experiences have been awesome. Nikon has no excuse.

Thanks for any advice, stories of your experience or ideas!

Nikon D90
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