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Re: How to remove my profile

PhotoKhan wrote:

AmbientMick wrote:

The forum has become a diseased sewer of bullying and insecurity and I no longer want to be associated to it or the site that allows it. Please delete all references to me from your database."

Does anybody know of a quick way to do it?

Putting away the fact that it is a bit strange to be asking help from users of site that you, yourself, universally consider a " diseased sewer of bullying and insecurity " I would like to point out that:

1. Most users here are civil and helpful, even if a bit harsh, from time to time.

Agreed but the minority of idiots tend to get involved in many posts.

2. There's an "Ignore" function that allows any user to achieve a modicum of "asseptiness".

True but it's just become tiring having to filter out the crap.

3. These forums tend to attract transient, less courteous users whenever there's a wave of new gear being announced. The key word here is "transient".

4. From the 2 threads you mention as "the last straw", one is absolutely idiotic and can be effectively dealt with with the mentioned "Ignore" feature. The second is absolutely normal, with the indigent, cretin comment having being immediately dealt with, in the exact needed tone, by 2 or 3 regulars.

I contributed to those threads to try to even things out but the lack of civility does seem to have increased recently.

No, I don't know how to remove your profile or even if it is at all possible.

However, I would ask you to revise your decision by trying to focus on the much useful information and opinions that, as a pleasant majority, float around here.

Thanks but I think its time to move on. I do appreciate that there are people here (like yourself) that have made the forum worth visiting in the past but it seems to have steadily deteriorated to the level where it has become a more negative than positive experience.

All the best!

Same to you.


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