Web browser.......Which one?

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Re: ALL of them

NewsyL wrote:

For photography use.... FireFox .... due that it is the most/best color managed of the bunch.

I have just come across this thread from a Google search regarding colour management on Firefox. I have been using Firefox for a year due to the good colour management with my wide gamut monitor.

I recently noticed problems with my red saturation and wanted to blame Firefox for changing its colour management. However it seems that it was my shift to using a table-based ICC profile from my calibration software. It appears to me that Firefox cannot use table-based v2 ICC profiles (at least those output by X-Rite i1 Profiler). My profile renders images fine within Photoshop but I see colour shifts within Firefox for those same images.

I have been using the test pages here for reference images:

When I switched to an older matrix-based v2 profile everything was fine again.

I hope this helps someone who may stray across this thread.

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