portrait of my beloved woman, 5DII, 50mmF1.2

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Re: Cheesy

filmluvr wrote:

AmbientMick wrote:

How is it cheesy?

It's cheesy because people don't look like that.

A huge number of photographs show an interpretation of how a person looks and many would not be described as 'cheesy'. If photographs must only record exactly how a person looks don't you think photography would be worse for it? What about art?

It's cheesy because it presumes the photographer's equipment to be more important than the subject and context

I really can't see where you get that from - after all the thread title included the word 'beloved' in reference to the person not the lens or camera. Maybe you didn't read the post?

It's cheesy (and dishonest) because it substitutes the equipment for talent, then proclaims the result to be an artistic product of both.

Now I know you didn't read the post. He didn't 'proclaim' anything. He was asking for feedback. How is that dishonest??

I don't understand why you wrote this nasty message. Why not tell the OP that he is dishonest rather than me? Perhaps you realise you are entirely wrong and you would be perceived to be bullying him?

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