Soooo... it's NOT the GX1/G3 sensor!

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Just marketing talk...

First, we know that the marketing depts at these companies tend to have a very loose interpretation of what "new sensor" means.

Nikon for years have been using Sony sensors but rarely admitting it because they had added their own image-processing tweaks (and those were good, because the Sony sensors in Nikon DSLRs would routinely produce better images and lower noise, than the same sensors when used in Sony DSLRs).

Olympus have had their days with m43 cameras where the same Panasonic-made sensor delivered cleaner JPEGs with lower noise, than the Panasonic cameras using the same sensor.

Now Olympus are a tiny company, in a fragile financial situation, and that's before we mention all the recent trouble they've been through.

We know very well that they just do not have the means to design let alone produce their own imaging sensors. Ditto for having dedicated sensors produced for them. So of COURSE they're continuing to use existing sensors. Either Panasonic (as is likely), or else trying someone else.

So whatever Olympus Marketing dept. say, it is just not possible for Oly to be using a "totally different" or "totally new" sensor. Sorry.

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