Poll: If the 5D3 were a FF version of the 7D for $2800...

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What a Canon competitor for a D800 will have to do, is match the D800's IG in terms of DR, ISO peformance, etc. I guess that is what you were implying with the supposed MP count and improvements on filters etc.

But that is not enough, it should also match the other features. Things that do not make a picture better, but surely are helpful to make better pictures.

E.g, the AF must be more than '7D' like; think of wider spread of AF points for instance. Also, better than 5-6 fps. With 46MP that would of course have to be in a crop mode, but that is very much acceptable.

Whatever it is gonna be, it would be a a big surprise if it were not announced in the very near future. I think it will be either a camera that matches the D800 specs (will which lead to new, endless and futile threads on specific details in attempts to prove which one is better), or it will be something distinctly different from D800-like specs (e.g. price or performance wise). Which of course will lead to some heated threads as well

Interesting times!

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