hi everyone,and T2i 550d advice.

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got the camera yesterday! and i now have a sunny winter weekend ahead of me, what could be better?

pedrodropper, i appreciate your suggestion, and may very well get a graduated ND at some point in the future. i did however get quite used to using a polarising filter with my previous camera, so did get that one. regarding the flash (thanks for the strobist link), as you say everyone has their own requirements, and thus far i have very rarely used a flash beyond the built in one and tend to stick to natural light.

for anyone reading this who is planning to get the Hoya Pro1 polariser, it does seem like a nice filter. however it seems a bit sticky when twisting it, this is not a problem when using the autofocus as the motor holds it in place, but if you use manual focussing then that friction when turning the filter does push the lens out of focus. i don't know if this is just my one, of if it will get better in time, but for anyone who does alot of manual focussing (as i tend to) this might be an issue.

so, a tripod would be a good idea, unfortunately i already have one. this is unfortunate because when my 400d was stolen from a bar top in Jerusalem it had the plate for my tripod attached, so now i have to somehow get hold of, or fashion a replacement (or buy a new tripod). any suggestions anyone?

thanks again for your various replies, if i get any good shot i shall post them.

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