X10- Histogram Inaccuracy

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Re: Oh yes indeed? Maybe not...

cgarrard wrote:

Again I repeat: So if you are at all confident in the field about the exposure the X10 shows on the histogram and on the playback image, better think again when dealing with highlights.

You, too, can be confident about exposure in the field if you use DR400 and check the shooting histogram first.

Why wouldn't you use DR400 It's what the sensor was designed for...it gives it at least 2.7EV of highlight correction in RAW, and also around 1.5EV in in-camera JPEGs.

Why wouldn't you use the standout feature of the X10? It's got more than twice the highlight correction/sensor headroom of a Pentax K-x, for example.

It's got 50% more sensor headroom than a full-frame Nikon D700. All you have to do to get this very valuable feature included in all your shots is to turn on DR400. Even at ISO100. In M size.

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