V1 Slow meter response

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V1 Slow meter response

I've had the V1 for a couple of weeks now. Generally thrilled with it as a walkaround alternative to my D3s.

I can handle having to dive into menus for exposure mode, white balance, ISO etc... those really aren't as big a problem as people make out (after all, how often do we really change exposure mode... normally not shot to shot, but situation to situation).

True, the Auto ISO is a bit of a pain when it sets low shutter speeds, but why not use manual or shutter priority instead when that is an issue? The flash setting the highest ISO is also odd, but then just set Auto ISO to 400 or 800 and that's also fine.

One problem, however, that is really, really bugging me is the slow meter response time... and there doesn't seem to be any real discussion about it on this forum (at least I've not found any). I first noticed it when shooting some skiiers moving from bright sunlight to shadow. The meter would take a couple of seconds to adjust to the changing lighting conditions, resulting in a high proportion of under or over exposed shots.

I tried a more controlled test. Pointed the camera at the sky out of a window and then quickly pointed it at the floor inside the house and took a photo. The result was horribly underexposed (exposure lock was disabled on the shutter release so this is purely a result of the meter response time). It takes approximately 2 seconds for the meter to adjust to the difference between bright external light and dim internal light.

Anyone else noticed this, or have I got a faulty camera? Problem happened with all versions of firmware, including the latest 1.11,

It seems a bit pointless having such excellent focus speed, shutter response and focus tracking (and I mean excellent, not far off my D3s) if the meter can't keep up.
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