X10- Histogram Inaccuracy

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Re: Oh yes indeed? Maybe not...

So you're apologizing for the X10 by saying users must view raw then to get an accurate histogram reading? Sorry, that isn't a fix, its an admittance of the issue I brought up in this thread. You presenting a workaround is not a fix. And who's to say that work around does work every time?

Most histograms on cameras that I've used (and there have been way too many) that only display a white/grey graph histogram (what you call luminescence only) show a sort of average of all 3 RGB values so that you can keep any of the 3 channels from under or over exposing.

So yes there is a flaw here since the X10 does not do this. Not only does the histogram suffer from a flaw, the playback of the image on the LCD does also have a flaw-as I've stated previously in this thread.

Again I repeat: So if you are at all confident in the field about the exposure the X10 shows on the histogram and on the playback image, better think again when dealing with highlights.


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