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Thx Colin...

I have learnt a great deal from this forum despite the 'noise' we get on occassions and feel part of it whether I use a Pen or a dslr ...

The Pen was realistically bought on a whim as a b'day present when I had a choice but actually the e-p1 is a really good camera except for the lack of the viewfinder and the auto focus which is why I still love shooting with my 520 and ofcourse the silky smooth base iso images an area in which the pen falls behind in

As you say we were united by oly's philosophy for different reasons, for me it was due to kit lens quality ( 14-42 / 40-150 was unbeatble when I bought in 2009 , although I think nikon has caught up with its 18-55 & 55 - 200 VR basic kits ) and more importantly the size was just right which is why I am excited by the OM-D but would love for a cheaper version with the VF and AF improvements but maybe without the weather sealing and possilbly with a single dial ( I can live with that ) as long as the cheaper version is the same price as the 520 budget ( when it was launched )


CollBaxter wrote:


Oly interchangeable lens cameras are Oly interchangeable lens cameras.

You are welcome here and you can also enter the forum challenge with your pen which is for Olympus INTERCHANGABLE LENS camera's. we do not differentiate.

There was a time when Olympus users saw themselves grouped as one but that is sadly dying. Pity but that's life. Keep on posting here I can see by just glancing at the other forum it's a bit more civilized here ( Well Sometimes) on a good day.

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