Suddenly Sigma is interesting again!

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Re: Suddenly Sigma is interesting again!

For me it is the opposite. I am happy they went to 45mm in the DP2M. I have both a DP1 and DP2 and I think they are quite close regarding focal lenghts. Had they gone to 35mm I would just buy the DP1M and forget about the DP2M.

With a 28 and a 45, they just need to release a 90mm version to replicate the Contax G1 lens lineup

AdamT wrote:

The new DP series compacts seem to offer the same promise, if the lens + sensor is good. I'm looking forward to some samples...

So did the old ones, you just needed to be patient with the DP1 and DP1S and not expect fast AF fom any of them .. the new ones have a lot to live up to glass wise, Sigma will know that everyone will have their original DPs at the ready and will be comparing lens quality ..

The sad part is that the DP2M is now a 45mm FOV instead of 40mm , I fnd 40mm even that bit too restricting and think they should have gone down the 35mm FOV for the new model not Longer ! . thankfully they haven't succumbed to the 24mm Fad for the DP1M , 24mm is fine as a "lens" on a NEX5 or something bit not a fixed lens camera IMO

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