Some thoughts on the D800 vs. the D800E. Most of us better off with D800.

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Re: Take a moment to read some reviews of the Nikon D1

DocS wrote:

In fact, take a moment to read some reviews of the Nikon D1 (circa 2000). Look back at the specifications of the D1 (2.7mp, if I’m not mistaken) and read some of the reviews for it. You’d be hard-pressed to find a review that says “the photos just aren’t sharp enough”.

For two cameras I know this is the case: the Fuji S5 and the Nikon D700. For the S5 You need the sharpest optics and lots of people are complaining that it is softer than the S3. The D700 images sharpen up nicely in LR3 - but fine detail, such as grass, is lost anyway.

I like the example images of the "E", but they have been sharpend with USM. The Tree image has this destinctive halos.

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