Minimising the White Disc Problem in the X10

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Re: What the image series 'at least' shows is...

inevitable crafts studio wrote:

you shoot "testphotos" that are rediciously wrong made, there are shadows in one shot wheres a highlight in the others, you didnt even use a tripod

While your website suggests that you are an accomplished creative artist, your comment above suggests that you have no idea about the conditions I was shooting in, nor what was required to get reflections off such a small object...

With such a small reflective object, and a rapidly moving sun relative to that object, by the time I had established the correct position for the tripod the sun would have moved enough to have changed the amount of flare reflection received by the camera.

Accordingly I positioned the camera so that it received the maximum amount of flare for each shot. It's questionable whether there is any shadow on the badge in the last image, because when viewed full screen it does not appear to be so.

and you still have the balls to post in this forum?

Absolutely. I've got another series on the way, even more controversial for those who don't understand or appreciate sensor headroom.

you're either a troll or some other unpolite term

It's probably more impolite to suggest such an improbable thing.

Trolls are usually those who oppose a camera or brand. Fanboy is probably the term you intended. I am a fan of the X10, and I am a boy. Go for it!

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