OLDEST digital camera you still own?

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Still have my first...

Timzee wrote:

For whatever reason you never sold it so it's still sitting somewhere on a back shelf. Maybe near state-of-the-art back in its day, but that was a long time ago.

For myself, I still have the 2nd digital camera I bought: an Olympus C-2500L around the late 90s as I recall.

Mine (bought for experimentation before digital was something to take seriously) is a Nikon Coolpix 775 .

2.1 Megapixels! Advertised proudly on a big sticker on the front of the camera.

And it has a 128 Megabite   COMPACT FLASH card in it! The card is almost as tall as the camera body LOL.

The camera AND the card are probably collector's items at this point!

The battery charger is busted though, so it's basically dead in the water.

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