What might Hass, Mamiya, PhaseOne, be thinking right now?

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Re: What might Hass, Mamiya, PhaseOne, be thinking right now?

I would think the bulk of their market know the image character difference between a high megapixel 35mm format and what could be even lower megapixel in medium format.... or "medium format." Larger format really is another world and contributes to the unique look that this kind of photographer wants to "tint" the image with. For those who have worked in larger formats, the tint is often quite recognizable.

I used to work in mammoth size digital printing, stuff that hung off the side of a high rise building. It was printed at 25 dpi so print sizes have their own formula depending on what they're for. I think the only thing that interests me with 36 MP is that in DX format, 16MP remains and a dual format means I have more lens choices. I'm not sure Nikon has even been too generous with the crop options considering the size they've gone up to. I love to compose in the viewfinder.

Anyway, the number of pixels is secondary to how the optics effect the image. I still have a 120 film TLR. Still use it because I can't spare $10k, $30k and would rather save with a few more rolls of film instead. I have an excellent scanner that gives me very large images. Actually, I use MF to shoot copy more than anything though a 36MP would do fine for that because the image is on one plane. Until software gets into simulating MF optical effects, I doubt there's reason for medium format camera producers to be concerned. The D800 will be welcome in graphic copy work.

However, there are two things that come to mind that may rattle things a bit for the MF people. There's the hobbyist who wants a lot of resolution and maybe this is who you have in mind. Then, there's other development evolving, such as the nature of Lytro. If I understand it even crudely, I'd say there's something in the air with this one if they could bring something of this nature to simulate larger format effects.

Wow! Sure hope this isn't a pandora's box. Glass and hardware is one thing, but I wonder what 36MP will turn into software wise over the years ahead. Relatively put, film was a finite but digital development? No end...... : ?

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