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never said "bad" only said "time to wake up"

Did I ever say either Canon or Nikon were BAD? Not at all.

All I said was, there was still time to wake up, but it was getting high time to do so.

I purposedly mentioned Nokia because at one stage Nokia had over 50% of the mobile phone market but it didn't properly address first the email device (Blackberry), then the full-fledged smart phone developments (iPhone). As a result the company is in trouble and may never get out of trouble.

Below is some additional financial information:

according to Nikon's Annual Report for the FY to March '11 (ie not affected by Thailand floods but not much affected by the Japan Sendai quake), the Sales (value) for the camera division was up 4.7% year on year to 569.4bn Yen.

this was despite Compact Camera UNIT sales being up 23.9% to 14.3 million units. And DSLR UNIT sales being up 16.9% to 4.29 million units - helped by D3100 and D7000 (in the year before w/o much changes in the line-up the sales were up just 7.3% in units).

in other words there was MASSIVE DEFLATION on the average selling price of all these, with one effect being the dilution from the faster growth of the compact camera business (Nikon don't volunteer details here but none of the makers do given how competitively important this is)

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