Might switch from D800 to D4 or stay with D700

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Re: What the heck are you on dude?

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nathantw wrote:

Always wanted a high MP camera with 1080p video. The Nikon D800 sounded like a dream come true, especially the one without the AA filter. I was even thinking of having the AA filter removed on my D700 at one time. After one of the posters posted that fake Chuck Westfall link though, I realized that perhaps the D800 ISN'T what I want. The guy who writes for the site might be a total crazy Canon guy, but the pictures don't lie.

My minimum ISO has been 800 and if the D800 doesn't look all that great at ISO 320, I can't imagine what it would look like at 800. I know the pictures posted are preproduction cameras that took the picture, but the banding and the noise wasn't too encouraging. So, it looks like maybe I'll continue using my D700 or go with the D4.

HOWEVER, if the reviews/comparisons from REAL users/reviewers show something different than what was represented in those lousy sample pictures then I'll go for the D800.

The pictures on that site do lie thats the problem. Why are you listening to that moron.

Think you've missed the oint of 'Fake Chuck Westfall'. Chuck Westfall is Canon USA marketing's faux techie who pops up with each Canon release saying how brilliant it is. Fake Chuck Westfall takes the whole thing further for comedic effect. Either you like broad satire or you don't.

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