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Re: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

rube39 wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

After some initial puzzlement I have decided I want one, and I guess most of my legacy manual lenses will fit even with adapters to K mount. Just let's have mode 2 contrast detect please. Make mine yellow just like the Japanese Koi fish. It's not stupid, if it is what I think it is then it is a technical KO and no wonder Ricoh decided to buy the company.

Ah, Tom, it didn't even take you 24 hours to come around! GRIN.
As I say, when the price falls out at the bottom, I will get one too.
And I don't even have any legacy glass.

Rube, I am off to cut my 2ha of grass. Much more rewarding than cameras ... Been wet most of the summer, grows quicker than your average camera company can invent a new model.

Meanwhile I thought I might start a thread about the GXR-M is about all I might need (smile).

The "koi" is a bold step. A bit like the Q - a what the heck are they doing? Sort of camera.

But there is a rationale there that defies conventional thought, Pentax is even more radical than Ricoh in many ways.

The Q is a "crazy sized sensor" to most, too dear because it is over-engineered. But if is was consumer flimsy it would indeed be a joke. So the tests say "she is a little ripper in the hand and everything is perfect, pity about the sensor ..." must be ok as I guess that even this tiny sensor is outperforming Canon's early dslr offerings.

So Pentax invest it as a system, they are hardly going to rely on a joke-sized sensor for a continuing system. Perhaps the Q is deeper than the off hand comments that it was getting before it even hit the streets. My little look at one now that it has finally arrived here was that it was a nice little camera if size really mattered.

Now it seems to be turning into a cult camera for C mount lenses.

Don't get me going ... The GXR-M is sweet enough for me.

The K-01 "koi" is as I thought "where is the extension tube?" - pretty ugly for a "designer" body. But the concept grows on you. If they indeed bring out built-for-K01 lenses that disappear into the body rather than protude from it then it is pretty smart as Pentax are able to keep their mount capability intact. Must have been something that Canon and Nikon have been wrestling with for some time. Simultaneously they have created a new class of digital camera. Whilst EVIL types thus far have been trying to be big-compacts with replaceable lenses and therefore telephoto lenses are bigger than the camera body the new class follows the dslr size lead and proportion.

We will see how it goes. Leaving out an evf seems more dedicated to not starting the inevitable argument over mirror-based ovf versus evf but seems a strange conclusion for a largish body that might be carrying some quite large lenses in due course.

Seems like I will have to continue to suck my straw and puzzle over this one for a while longer. Yes, but radical it is, and we must all respect them for thinking outside the box.

The GXR-M is indeed sweet enough for me. Now where is that new back with built in evf? Then I will be replete.


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