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Everdog wrote:

amalric wrote:

One wonders about profit per camera.

Once I was told that a P&S costs to the MFTR 50 $ and a dSLR 100 $. No evidence was provided, but it makes sense that higher tier cameras provide more margin. EVIL cameras could be even more profitable.

I think about the E-PL1.
No evf, no mirror, no af assist lamp.
Plastic body
Old inexpensive sensor, small cheap LCD (non-touch screen).

Even P&S cameras have higher density/newer sensors (though much smaller)and larger, more expensive touch screen LCDs.

My bet is many P&S cameras cost much more to make today.

btw, the E-PL1 still takes great pics.

Indeed it does, It is the only ILC camera so far that has allowed buyers to benefit of cheaper prices for good IQ. One can only hope that the trend will follow.

OTH it also explains why the OM-D line is bringing a host of new technologies, for a price. What is really being sold here is innovation at the edge.


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