Some thoughts on the D800 vs. the D800E. Most of us better off with D800.

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Re: Some thoughts on the D800 vs. the D800E. Most of us better off with D800.

macjonny1 wrote:

I've shot a lot with a Leica M9 in all kinds of settings and it has never been an issue. All you folks running scared from the D800E will regret it in the end. The lack of an AA filter on the M9 is something that really makes the sensor special, and the D800E is going to blow it away.

That's kind of a childish statement. As has been pointed out many times, there are pluses and minuses on each side, 800 vs 800E. You already know them. There is no perfect solution.

I looked at a site with numerous Leica M9 images. I saw significant moire in a number of them. And these were landscape images, and that's what I photograph. This website contradicts what you say about the M9.

Nikon was very up front about potential issues with the 800E. They wouldn't have said this, and posted an example, if these issues didn't have the potential to be significant. We have yet to really see multiple examples of the very same image taken with the same lens, exposure, etc but with the 800 and 800E side by side to determine sharpness differences, and artifact differences.

Everyone who has ordered an 800 or 800E before they are released and thoroughly reviewed is going on their own gut feeling of which one will be best for them.

With your choice of the 800E, you might be just as sorry as you seem to be warning D800 purchasers. You don't know any better than I or anyone else how this will all shake out.

For the record, coming from a 4x5 B&W fine art landscape background, and loving sharpness and fine detail and large glossy prints, I'm going with the D800 and not the D800E.

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