portrait of my beloved woman, 5DII, 50mmF1.2

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Re: Agree!

How is it cheesy? What do you base this on? Stunning portraiture is not related to aperture.

What a narrow view you have. If it were up to you and Howard photography would be limited to formulaic and ultimately boring pictures. Following your self imposed rules can lead to some great pictures but so can using creativity and maybe bending or even breaking the rules.

filmluvr wrote:

Selective focus on a face is cheesy. It's usually the lazy man's technique for obliterating an obnoxious background. The bottom line is that stunning portraiture doesn't come from large apertures.

Howard Roark wrote:

...and yet you'll almost never find that technique in print.


It's not a "rule"...it's about what is pleasing to the eye....she is so much more then her eyes....he goofed, and your lack of understanding shows.

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35mm Film for it's wider DR, smoother graduations; digital for it's higher resolution, economy of time & money.

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