portrait of my beloved woman, 5DII, 50mmF1.2

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Re: Why?

Howard Roark wrote:

...and yet you'll almost never find that technique in print.

Even if that were true how is that relevant? Examples of ALL techniques can be found if you want to find them.


It's not a "rule"...it's about what is pleasing to the eye....she is so much more then her eyes....he goofed, and your lack of understanding shows.

Pleasing to who's eye? I and others on this thread like the picture and whether something is pleasing is highly subjective. You don't like the picture and that's fine. What has my understanding or lack thereof got anything to do with it? I would suggest that you 'goofed' when you started to type.

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35mm Film for it's wider DR, smoother graduations; digital for it's higher resolution, economy of time & money.

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