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total value of 2011 ILC business: $6.7 billion

Just to add one more bit of perspective on the interchangeable-lens camera business.

As already said, unit volume in 2011: 15.85 million

Yen value (at wholesale) in 2011: 534 billion yen
(In dollars, at 80 yen to the dollar, that's $6.7 billion)

Average price per camera (wholesale): $422

Interchangeable lenses unit volume: 26 million (1.65 lenses per camera)

Yen value of interchangeable lenses: 418 billion yen
(In dollars, at 80yen/dollar), that's $5.2 billion)

Average price per interchangeable lens (wholesale): $200

Just for comparison grins, here's compact point-and-shoot digicams, 2011:

Unit volume (without Samsung and Kodak): 100 million
(with Samsung and Kodak probably @120 million).

Yen value (at wholesale, without Samsung and Kodak): 918 billion yen

(In dollars, at 80 yen/dollar, that's $11.48 billion; with Samsung/Kodak, value is probably around 13 to 13.5 billion dollars)

Average price per camera (wholesale): $114

All figures (except estimates for Samsung/Kodak) are from CIPA.


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