G1 X - Very interessing comparaison cameras.

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digicam territory??? HAHAHAHA canonian fanboys are funny....
anyway its useless you show me JPG...show me RAW comparison then we will talk
DXO measures are on RAW not JPG...

so if panasonic produce horribles raw with a lot of Noise reduction ....its useless comparison....
we will see in raw..

anyway for you info the GH2 + a prime like a Leica 25mm 1.4 (well Leica...non last dog on the road..) produce better image then also a 5DmII with the low quality 50mm 1.4 (yes if you stop down at F8 you will get very good images with 50mm 1.4...but its useless buy a 1.4 lens when you must stop down at f8

this is why i sold my 5DMII .... wide open also the L lens are orribles...

well yes you can say me that i dont understnad anything about photography...in fact maybe its so...im just a freelance photojournalist...nothing more nothing lesss....

anyway enjoy your fidelity to canon brand...i use 4-5 brands of camera ,...it depend on my needs..

sdyue wrote:

ZZ9 wrote:

its funny that the G1x is bigger then m43 , has less MP , but low light scores on DXO is worse
then the 1 year old smaller and 16mp M4/3 sensor from G1x , GH2, G3........

worse low light SCORE than older smaller m4/3 sensor? (um, previous models are always older...)

but G1X has BETTER IMAGES than even GH2 (etc.) in low light!!!

now, that's what counts!!! it's in the images... see?

Panasonic GH2 @ ISO 6400 low light

PowerShot G1X @ ISO 6400 low light

so much for DXo marks... not much of predictive value really.

by the point one uses ISO 12800... the G1X is now in APS-C dSLR territory...

and the m43's are closer to smaller sensor digicam territory... no thx

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