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2. Oly are still selling the EP1, EPL1 at fire sale rates.

Everyone is selling old cameras as cheaply as possible... You can buy Canon 1000D here from new at $350, and Nikon D3000 around the same price... And old Sony cameras (2xx whatever) They are not produced any more, so they are sold to get rid of stocks... That is called "the market" (look it up)

If you actually THINK about this...

The E-PL1 has been selling like hot cakes and on the top 10 lists for over a year. Back in May, Olympus has 50% of the mirrorless market in Japan (yes, not even including Panasonic.

If Olympus was trying to clear inventory, it would have been gone 12 months ago.
Clearly Olympus has to make a conscious decision to build that many units.

They made that at a time when mirrorless has a much smaller market share, so they must have known something.
Buying parts at higher volumes make them cheaper.
Small low res LCDs and 3 year old sensors are going to be very cheap.

My bet is the E-PL1 cost less to make than many P&S cameras with new sensors and larger, better LCDs.

So again, because sales have been so high for so long, this is not some "clearing inventory that didn't sell". That is proven false. It is producing a product at a high volume as cheap as possible, to maximize profits and build market share.

The fact that the E-PL1 is still selling so well shows that Olympus did this on purpose.

I haven't seen anywhere lately where you can get a new E-p1 but lots of places have E-pl1's. This leads me to believe that it still may be in production.

Long live the E-pl1!


We have 2 facts:
E-Pl1 is still selling

E-PL1 has been at the tops of sales charts (Japan and Amazon) for a very long time.

If it was a firesale, it would have ended months ago, and they would have run out of inventory.

Reminds me a local store here that got in big trouble. They advertised a going out of business sale. It went on for months. The policed found that they were loading the store up every week with new inventory and making a killing. They got busted for false advertising, but I am sure still came out ahead.

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