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Re: AA filter question - Joe?

Richard Frederick wrote:

Looking at both the Sony NEX-7 and and Nikon D800 pixel density, it seems to me that the sensors can now out-resolve most of the lenses used with them.

Seems and does are not the same thing. Yes lenses show more flaws but you still get a more information... that's not out-resolving. Out-resolving means that if you add any more MP you won't get any more information, just blur. Yes 24 is stretching it, but if you went to a 30MP sensor on the NEX-7 you'd still get a little more information.

Does this not remove the requirement for AA filters? Apparently not, otherwise the cameras would not be so equipped (D800E excepted).

It's theorized that if moire is an issue with the D800E that stopping down past the diffraction point to something like f/16 or f/22 would effectively act like an AA filter. This is making the resolution of the lens lower than the resolution of the sensor. Of course there's a couple problems with this: 1) you need to recognize you are having moiré issues and adjust (you might be zooming into 100% on every area of every image you take and miss some) and 2) you may not want to use f/16 or f/22 (for depth of field preference or low-light).

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