OM-D opportunity missed, heritage trashed?

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Re: Reality check, please

TrapperJohn wrote:

Now, with sensor technology delivering performance that satisfies the most demanding amateur, and capabilities that begin to fall into the 'very seldom used' category, the greatly diminished difference between 4/3 and APS is suddenly a real issue.

However, if we look at the overall picture, this is a forced issue.

It's forced by the websites and magazines who use lab tests and reviews to lure readers, which in turn affects their advertising rates.

It's forced by gear-centric camera buyers for whom the comparative performance of their gear is the defining aspect of their involvement in photography.

It's forced by marketing people who have about 30 seconds of ad time to lay the foundation for convincing a buyer to choose their product over a competitor.

This last part is probably the biggest influence. Which grabs attention more in an ad:

"Our new sensor is 18MP and has a max ISO of 25,600, meaning your photos will be clearer under a wider range of conditions"


"Our sensor is just the right size for 97% of photographs. We put our efforts into more than just sensor performance, because we know that in the end, the overall quality and usability of a camera is going to matter more than pixel peeping and lab test results."

It's great that so many people on this forum care so passionately about sensor performance. The other 97% of people buying cameras don't care nearly as much, except when told to do so by either marketers or enthusiasts who have their own set of priorities that may not be best for the rest of the world.

Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.

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